E-Commerce Hosting

We run an e-commerce hosting service for small companies that lack dedicated IT personnel but need to maintain online presence to drive or increase sales.

Our job is to make sure your site runs like clockwork and spare you all details you don’t want to know.

Our Experience

Webstage OU was established in 2019 in Tallinn, Estonia by a team of e-commerce website owners with 10+ years of experience supporting our own webstores and building e-commerce websites for third parties. As the needs of our own business grew, so did our needs for web hosting: we started at the lowest tier: shared hosting, then switched to VPS and graduated to managing our own servers.

MANAGED e-commerce hosting — pricing

A three-tier price structure is all we offer. By the time your business reaches ‘Master’ tier you will most likely be earning enough to hire a sysadmin and a site maintaner of your own, and run your own hosting server. When this moment comes, we will happily help you migrate your data onto your very own web server to manage as you see fit, and we will part ways proud that we have helped yet another customer get on the path to success.


or €390/year (2 months free)

for websites that are expected to serve up to 50,000 visitors per month, and rarely have to handle more than 50 visitors online.
1 CPU core
60 min consultation
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or €1390/year (2 months free)

This package can easily handle 250,000 monthly visits and serve up to 200 visitors at the same time without visible slowdown.
4 CPU cores
80 GB SSD?
180 min consultation
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All plans include as standard

  • Free migration from previous hosting (obviously, for customers who have existing websites only)
  • Unlimited support regarding technical issues via phone, email, and Facebook messenger
  • 99.95% monthly uptime guarantee (less than 20 minutes unplanned downtime per month)
  • Daily backups (files and databases) with 30 days retention (except ‘Master’ tier, which offers more frequent database backups)
  • Anti-malware and Web Application Firewall protection from Virusdie with dedicated dashboard
  • Additional automated protection from bad queries using the Professional version of the famous BBQ (Block Bad Queries) plugin*
  • Automated error monitoring that alerts us that your website is having problems before you or your customers do*

* Feature available for WordPress/WooCommerce only at present.

Pricing Terms

All prices quoted exclude VAT. If your company is based in Estonia, we will charge you 20% Estonian VAT. If your company is domiciled in another EU country and has a valid EU VAT number. or if it is domiciled outside of the EU, we will not charge VAT. The VAT rate for natural persons based in the EU is determined by their country of residence

We haven’t launched just yet

But if you want to become one of our first customers (with a steep discount from our launch prices, of course!) give us a call and we will include you in our launch plan.